Wazamba – Keno Game Rules

Keno Game Rules

Keno Game Rules at Wazamba

Game Overview

Keno is a lottery-style game that has gained popularity in both land-based and online casinos, including Wazamba. The objective of the game is to select numbers from a grid and match them with the randomly drawn numbers. The more numbers you match, the higher the potential payout. Wazamba offers various versions of Keno from different parts of the world, each with its own unique rules and gameplay.

Game Versions

1. Traditional Keno: This version follows the classic Game Rules of Keno. Players select up to 15 numbers from a grid ranging from 1 to 80. Then, 20 numbers are randomly drawn. Payouts are determined based on the number of matches.

2. Power Keno: This version provides the option to multiply your potential winnings. After selecting your numbers, you can choose to play a Power Keno Wazamba Bonus. If your selected numbers are drawn, the payout will be multiplied accordingly.

3. Combination Keno: In this version, players can choose multiple sets of numbers on a single ticket. Duplicates are allowed, increasing the chances of winning but also increasing the cost of the ticket.

4. Speed Keno: This version offers a faster-paced gaming experience. Once the player selects their numbers, the draw is immediate, and the results are displayed without delay.

How to Play Keno at Wazamba

Follow these step-by-step instructions to play Keno at Wazamba:

1. Sign in or create a Wazamba account: Visit the Wazamba website and either Wazamba Log in to your existing account or Wazamba Sign up for a new one.

2. Deposit funds: Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Wazamba account to play Keno. If not, make a deposit using one of the available payment methods.

3. Select the Keno game: Browse through the game selection at Wazamba and choose the Keno version you wish to play. Traditional Keno is often the default option.

4. Set your bet: Determine the amount you wish to wager on each round. Use the bet settings to adjust the value of your bet.

5. Choose your numbers: Click on the numbers on the grid to select your preferred numbers. The number of numbers you can choose depends on the specific game version.

6. Select additional settings: Some Wazamba Keno versions offer additional options such as Power Keno or Combination Keno. Adjust these settings according to your preferences.

7. Confirm your bet: Double-check your bet details, including the selected numbers and bet amount. Once you are satisfied, confirm your bet to start the game.

8. Wait for the draw: After confirming your bet, the game will randomly draw numbers. The drawn numbers will be compared to your chosen numbers, and any matches will be highlighted.

9. Payout calculation: The payout will be calculated based on the number of matched numbers and the specific game’s payout table. Winnings will be added to your Wazamba account.

10. Repeat or choose a different game: You can choose to repeat your previous bet or explore other Keno versions available at Wazamba. Simply follow the steps above to continue playing.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and set limits on your wagering to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. Good luck and have fun playing Keno at Wazamba!